Braised Chicken Wings

12.26.2020 | Category, Recipes


Chicken wings are more typically eaten fried, grilled or baked in the oven, but this recipe braises chicken wings in our Ponzu Sauce for a tender, juicy and flavorful chicken wings. Diluting the sauce with water in equal parts is very important for a more gentle and mild flavor throughout. Be sure to lower the heat to a simmer, if not you'll end up with tough wings! 【Braised Chicken Wings】 ...
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Wafu pasta w/ Wood Ear Mushroom

12.25.2020 | Category, Recipes


Japanese Style Pasta or Wafu Pasta, brings a lot the focus of umami from Japanese cooking and creating a union with western flavors. For this recipe we're looking at our Seasoned Wood Ear Mushroom, although it is already great on its own with rice, this dish brings that savory flavor to pair with pasta. Adding mushrooms to this dish will help bring more earthy flavors overall and you can use any o...
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Seared Sirloin Nigiri

12.24.2020 | Category, Recipes


Our latest recipe is the Seared Sirloin Nigiri, although this recipe deals moreso with the Nigiri part than the Sirloin. For this recipe, we are using our very own Mirin Vinaigrette. We add more mirin to elevate the sugar content a bit more and boil off any excess alcohol. Finally we mix this with freshly cooked rice to make sushi rice using our very own Mirin Vinaigrette.  Do note that freshly co...
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Try this savory and buttery mushroom dish. Closer to a warm salad, it is perfect for the winter time. Frying mushrooms in butter elevates the earthiness from the mushrooms with the rich buttery flavor. Mixing it with our Black Bean Vinaigrette dressing kicks the heaviness of the butter down a bit and brings a nice zest to the overall dish, a great starter for any meal. 【Mushrooms in Black Bean ...
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Next up on the line of recipes, is using our tangy Green Onion & Garlic Dressing to make Potato Salad! This recipe is very simple as is with any potato salad and large batches can be made ahead of time as a perfect side dish to any meal. Our dressing will add a nice acidity to lighten up the overall heaviness of the creamy potatoes. Toppings are also up to preference, so feel free to add your ...
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Carrot & Yuzu Chicken Marinade

12.21.2020 | Category, Recipes


With the end of the year nearing fast and the stay at home order our chefs came up with some wonderful recipes that you can cook at home with our selection of sauces and dressings. First up is a nice appetizer that can also be served as a main dish, using our original Carrot & Yuzu dressing that we've been serving since we first opened our locations. Marinating in this refreshing and zesty dre...
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