Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers)

Made with sincerity, skewer by skewer

We use only locally sourced, free-range chicken, carefully selected and freshly prepared each morning. All our chicken is prepared at our own factory, with a new batch prepared daily. First, the carcasses are cleaned and butchered, then each chicken skewer is loaded with chicken pieces by hand. The sincerity and care that goes into our yakitori means that each piece has a deliciously firm and springy texture that can’t be replicated in machine-prepared meat. We’re so proud of our yakitori; handsome in appearance and mouth-wateringly delicious down to the very last bite, each yakitori skewer is a real testament to the skill of our chefs.

Brilliant Chefs and Bincho-tan Charcoal

Our yakitori is carefully prepared by experienced chefs. Our skewers are prepared in the fragrant smoke of bincho-tan, a high-grade white charcoal.* We recommend trying them with just salt at first, in order to savor the rich, natural flavor of the ingredients. Next, why not try our house vinegar-based dipping sauce, a beautiful blend of Kyushu flavors, with a blend of fresh acidity and soft sweetness. Sprinkle the dressed chicken meat with a little shichimi spice and some yuzu pepper and enjoy the changes and complexities of flavors that arise.
Chicken aside, we offer more than fifty varieties of skewer in our restaurants. Yakitori is the perfect cuisine to enjoy with a cold beer and it is particularly special to us as the dish that started the Shin-Sen-Gumi story.
*Bincho-Tan grilled Yakitori is not available at our 2GO location

Our Secret Yakitori Sauce

Our secret homemade yakitori sauce packs a potent umami punch, and we’re still using same batch we made when our first restaurant was opened. There may be some customers who can’t quite believe that a sauce can be kept without going bad for more than 25 years, but the trick lies in dipping just-cooked ingredients into the sauce, which is kept in a special jar. This results in a low-temperature bacteria-killing effect that stops the sauce from spoiling. However, in order to keep using the same batch of sauce, it’s vital that a restaurant is constantly busy with customers, since regular heat is the key to keeping the sauce from spoiling. Thankfully this means there is no risk of the sauces at Shin-Sen-Gumi yakitori restaurants going bad.**
**We also heat-treat our sauces regularly and filter them for impurities.