Yuzu Kosho

Our customers will find yuzu kosho, a blend of chili pepper and yuzu citrus peel, available as a table condiment in our restaurants*. We recommend trying this seasoning with our yakitori, nabemono (simmered one-pot dishes), and yakiniku (grilled meat) dishes, among others. First, try your dish with no seasoning, to appreciate its natural deliciousness. Then take a spoonful of yuzu kosho and add it to the dish to enjoy the fresh scent and unmistakable piquancy of this special condiment, said to have originated in Kyushu. Yuzu kosho works to enhance and enrich the flavor of each ingredient, while bringing change and complexity to the dish as a whole.

Our yuzu kosho has been developed to have a fresh, clear heat. It is made to an original recipe and blended in a factory in Fukuoka, Kyushu. We use yuzu citrus grown by carefully selected farmers in Oita prefecture and the resulting condiment is richly fragranced, making it the perfect choice for stir-fried dishes, steak, and even grilled fish. Our original yuzu kosho is available to buy from our restaurants, enabling you to explore and enjoy its many uses in your home cooking. *Not available in some restaurants.