Short Movie: Whale Island Tokunoshima


Kujira no shima, Tokunoshima image picture, swimming whale in the blue ocean

Experience the beauty and culture of Tokunoshima, an island in Kagoshima Prefecture, in the regional revitalization film "Whale Island Tokunoshima," directed by Takafumi Ohashi. Produced independently by Shin-Sen-Gumi Restaurant Group, this short film features stunning sights of the island's natural beauty, including whales, as well as sceneries and gourmet food unique to Tokunoshima. To add to the charm, the founder of Shin-Sen-Gumi Restaurant Group, Mitsuyasu Shigeta, hailing from Tokunoshima, adds to the film's allure by passionately singing the theme song “Shima no Hitoyo”. Don't miss this enchanting journey into the heart of a vibrant culture!