Yuzukosho Butter



This is probably our simplest recipe but also an absolute treat to add to any meal. Using our Yuzu Pepper/Yuzukosho by itself already elevates many dishes, by adding a nice clean heat, a slight tangy and aromatic Yuzu. However, this butter mix is a great addition to any steak for an added depth of flavors. It also goes well with any fish or chicken.

【Yuzukosho Butter】

Yuzu Pepper 10g
Unsalted Butter 50g
Light Soy Sauce A few drops

How to Make

  1. In room temperature, mix butter with soy sauce and our Yuzu Pepper & Serve with your favorite cut of meat!
    -Leaving butter in room temperature is key in order to be able to mix all ingredients well.
    -This recipe makes for 2 servings, but keeping the same ratio and increasing the total ingredients, you can make more ahead of time.