Pork Belly Rice Bowl

12.30.2020 | Category, Recipes


Sweet, savory and slightly crispy pork belly on a bed of rice, what a delight! This recipe calls for Pork Belly (not bacon!), grilled over the fry pan and adding our original Yakitori Sauce. Be sure to get a nice slight char on the Pork Belly for that crispy texture and don't grill with the sauce too long to avoid burning you pan. 【Pork Belly Rice Bowl】 【Ingredients】 Sliced ...
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Yuzukosho Butter

12.29.2020 | Category, Recipes


This is probably our simplest recipe but also an absolute treat to add to any meal. Using our Yuzu Pepper/Yuzukosho by itself already elevates many dishes, by adding a nice clean heat, a slight tangy and aromatic Yuzu. However, this butter mix is a great addition to any steak for an added depth of flavors. It also goes well with any fish or chicken. 【Yuzukosho Butter】 【Ingredients】...
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Cold Noodles in the middle of winter you say?! In Japan and some Asian countries, there is a practice of Shime, or closing of a meal. In Japan after a night of dining at an Izakaya and drinking, people typically order a bowl of rice, Ramen, Udon or Soba, both cold or hot. This cold soba in our soy & sesame dressing sauce is a great way to end a meal, with a cool and refreshing taste to cleanse...
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Pepper Poke

12.27.2020 | Category, Recipes


Who doesn't love Poke? This recipe is very easy to make and takes little to no time to make! This recipe calls for our Goma or Sesame Sauce, with the creamy an almost a concentrate of sesame flavors, it will help bring in some sesame aroma while adding flavors to the Tuna. Be sure to mix well and lightly to ensure all pieces are marinated. 【Pepper Poke】 【Ingredients】 Tuna 1...
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Braised Chicken Wings

12.26.2020 | Category, Recipes


Chicken wings are more typically eaten fried, grilled or baked in the oven, but this recipe braises chicken wings in our Ponzu Sauce for a tender, juicy and flavorful chicken wings. Diluting the sauce with water in equal parts is very important for a more gentle and mild flavor throughout. Be sure to lower the heat to a simmer, if not you'll end up with tough wings! 【Braised Chicken Wings】 ...
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Seared Sirloin Nigiri

12.24.2020 | Category, Recipes


Our latest recipe is the Seared Sirloin Nigiri, although this recipe deals moreso with the Nigiri part than the Sirloin. For this recipe, we are using our very own Mirin Vinaigrette. We add more mirin to elevate the sugar content a bit more and boil off any excess alcohol. Finally we mix this with freshly cooked rice to make sushi rice using our very own Mirin Vinaigrette.  Do note that freshly co...
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