Pepper Poke



Who doesn't love Poke? This recipe is very easy to make and takes little to no time to make! This recipe calls for our Goma or Sesame Sauce, with the creamy an almost a concentrate of sesame flavors, it will help bring in some sesame aroma while adding flavors to the Tuna. Be sure to mix well and lightly to ensure all pieces are marinated.

【Pepper Poke】

Tuna 100g
Shin-Sen-Gumi Goma/Sesame Sauce 50ml
Sake 10ml
Soy Sauce 10ml
Shredded Shiso Leaf 1-2 leaves
Fresh Ground Wasabi To preference
Sesame Seeds To preference

How to Make

  1. Dice cut the tuna.
  2. Marinate the tuna into the mixture of our Shin-Sen-Gumi Goma/Sesame Sauce, Sake, and Soy Sauce for 10 to 30min.
  3. On a plate, arrange the tuna and add the sesame seeds and wasabi.