Chilled Tofu & Pork Belly w/ Spicy Sauce Recipe


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What better way to pass the sweltering summer heat than with some cold and spicy salad!

【Tofu & Pork Belly Salad】by H.I

Soy Sauce tbsp 2
Sesame Oil tbsp 1
Spicy Miso tsp 2
Vinegar tbsp 1
Sugar tsp 2
Grated Garlic tsp 1
Grated Ginger tsp 1
Thin Pork Belly Slices 150g
Tofu 1 pack
Baby Greens to preference
Pink Peppercorn to preference
Sliced Green Onion to preference
Crispy Fried Onion to preference
Cilantro to preference


How to cook

1.  Boil thin pork belly slices in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Cool in ice water, and drain

★ Cooking time varies on your gas range and thickness of the pork, please be mindful when cooking.

2. Cut tofu in 4 equal parts.

3. Mix seasonings in a bowl

4. Put tofu, baby greens and pork belly, in this order, on the plate.

5. Drizzle mixed seasoning on top and add sliced onion, cilantro, fried onion, and sprinkle pink peppercorn to your preference.