Customer Service

Name: W. L.
Location: Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen – Rosemead

Why did you apply & How long have you been working for Shin-Sen-Gumi?

I applied to Shin-Sen-Gumi because I love the food, and I want to share my love for their food to anyone who comes to our restaurant and give them the best experience.
I have been working for Shin-Sen-Gumi for 3 years so far.

Please describe your duties (job). How do you like it?

At this point, I can do everything that a server at Shin-Sen-Gumi can do, such as making drink, providing the best customer service, etc.
I like it very much, especially when seeing the customers happy eating our food to the best of the customers liking.

What's your future dream with Shin-Sen-Gumi?

My future dream with Shin-Sen-Gumi is to continue giving my best to make sure every customer loves happily with our food and hospitality, at least until I achieve my career as a teacher.

What do you like about Shin-Sen-Gumi?

I like the professional Japanese way of working there, with the language and the work ethics of in a Japanese restaurant / company.
There is no other Japanese restaurant like Shin-Sen-Gumi other than the restaurant in Japan.