Kitchen Staff

person grilling yakitori

Name: M.B.
Location: Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori (Original) – Gardena

Why did you apply & How long have you been working for Shin-Sen-Gumi?

I decided to work at Shin-Sen-Gumi because I needed a job.
I had two twin babies who needed of me, and working at Shin-Sen-Gumi made it possible for me to provide things for them.
I've been working here since 2002 at Yakitori Gardena, and recently I work at 2GO location also.

Please describe your duties (job). How do you like it?

1. Prepare the vegetables + everything else
2. Cook, help others
3. Make sure everything is set / ready.

I love my job, being the cook there.
I love it.

What's your future dream with Shin-Sen-Gumi?

My future dream is to keep working there. I don’t see myself working at another place anytime.

What do you like about Shin-Sen-Gumi?

I like everything about Shin-Sen-Gumi the vibe you’ll get off people they’re all really nice. The people work with end up being like a family.