Shin-Sen-Gumi 2GO Rice Sandwich EVERYDAY 8am~6pm. Bear has a rice sandwich on the pink & yellow background.

Rice Sandwiches Starting from 4/3‼️

To bring you a new dining experience, we’ll be closed on April 1st & 2nd for some exciting renovations. Mark your calendars because on April 3rd, we’ll unveil a brand new menu featuring Rice Sandwiches!

What are rice sandwiches? Imagine fluffy rice wrapped in seaweed packed with delicious fillings – perfect for a quick and satisfying meal on-the-go. They’re convenient, and perfect for any occasion.

Please note that with this new menu, we’ll be saying goodbye to our previous offerings, including Ramen, Yakitori, and various sides. We appreciate your understanding as we explore a new culinary adventures!

We can’t wait to share our exciting new menu with you! Keep an eye on your inbox and follow us on social media for more details on exciting seasonal dishes we’ll be offering with the new menu. See you soon!


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