Name: J. H.
Location: Shin-Sen-Gumi Headquarters

Why did you apply & How long have you been working for Shin-Sen-Gumi?

I applied for Shin-Sen-Gumi because I wanted an opportunity to work in a different environment with different cultural atmosphere.

Please describe your duties (job). How do you like it?

Working with Best-Shige Trading Corporation, my responsibility is to make sure that I deliverable the produce to the restaurants in a timely manner before the store opens.

What's your future dream with Shin-Sen-Gumi?

My future dream with Shin-Sen-Gumi is to someday help manage the company and give my opinions and advise to help grow the company world wide.

What do you like about Shin-Sen-Gumi?

What I like about Shin-Sen-Gumi is the opportunity to interact with individuals from another country. Being that a lot of people hand what a great cultural background they come from.