Yakitori Gardena 29th Anniversary

Yakitori Gardena 29th Anniversary Info under Closeup of Negima Skewers
Date 9/27(Mon)~28(Tue), 2021
Time Lunch & Dinner

Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori (Original) - Gardena


Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori Gardena will be celebrating our 29th anniversary this year!
Thank you to all our customers for your support, we could not have done this without you!


We would love to give back to you guys by serving our signature NEGIMA (Chicken Thigh & Green Onion skewer) for $1 on Monday, September 27th & Tuesday, September 28th, for DINE-IN ONLY.

Please come & celebrate our 29th birthday along with us!!


★Negima orders are unlimited, but any leftovers will be charged at the regular price.


Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori (Original) – Gardena
18517 S.Western Ave.
Gardena, CA 90248