X’mas Special

Date 12/23(Sat)~25(Mon), 2018
Time Dinner Only 6:00pm~11:00pm

Shin-Sen-Gumi Shabu-Shabu Dining - Gardena


Free Champagne & Dessert when your group order BBQ Course (for 2 persons)!
Enjoy Christmas Special Dinner at Sumiyaki & Shabu-Shabu Dining!

Standard Set $60
Tongue, Prime Short Rib, Outside Skirt, Pork Rib, and Pork Jowl

Premium Set $90
Prime Tongue, Kobe Prime Short Rib, Kobe Sirloin Culotte, Potted Outside Skirt, Shrimp, and Scallop

Kimchi, Namul, House Potato Salad, Crispy Cheese Bacon Salad, and Ox Tail Soup are included in the Course Meals.