Now Delivering in Select Areas

We are happy to announce that we now deliver to South Bay, West LA, Hollywood, K-Town and the surrounding area. Search for Shin-Sen-Gumi and see if we also cover other areas.

Order now from the following areas and platforms:



Hollywood & K-Town

ubereats hollywood
postmates hollywood
doordash hollywood

West La

ubereats west la
postmates west LA
doordash WLA



Gardena & Surrounding Areas

  • Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori

    ubereats yakitori
    postmates yakitori
    doordash yakitori

  • Shin-Sen-Gumi Shabu-Shabu & Japanese BBQ

    ubereats shabu
    postmates shabu
    doordash shabu

  • Shin-Sen-Gumi 2GO

    ubereats 2go
    postmates 2go
    doordash 2go