2GO Gardena 5th Anniversary Sale

Date 5/25(Wed)&26(Thu), 2022
Time 10:00am~10:00pm

Shin-Sen-Gumi 2GO – Gardena


Thanks to your loyalty and support, we are celebrating our 5th anniversary!
We would like to give back to our customer on 5/25 (Wed) & 26 (Thu), 2022!!

Our authentic Hakata Ramen will be $4.45+tax  and Spicy Hakata Ramen will be $5.40 +tax for those days for DINE-IN, TO-GO, and DRIVE-THRU!!

Please celebrate our 5th anniversary with us, with our bowl of Specially Priced Hakata Ramen!!!


★Please note that we will only be serving Hakata Ramen and Rice Bowls during the event. Other Ramen and Udon items are not available.

Delivery Services will also be deactivated during the event.


Shin-Sen-Gumi 2GO-3Sei Center
18203 S. Western Ave #104,
Gardena CA 90248
7 Days Open 10am~10pm