Sumiyaki BBQ (Charcoal Grilled Meat)

An Insistence on Hand Carving

We use carefully selected American beef. All preparation, from processing to formation, is carried out in our own kitchen, and all of our beef is carved by hand by experienced chefs from the freshest possible meat. Excess fat and sinew is trimmed away to ensure each slice reflects a perfect balance of meat and fat, while the thickness and shape is modified as required by the cut and quality of meat being carved. This is something only possible by trained hand; it cannot be replicated by a machine. Our beef is carved carefully to ensure that each slice has the same melt-in-the-mouth texture. The beauty of our carved slices is testament to the skill of those preparing it.

Bincho-tan Charcoal and Shichirin Grills

At Shin-Sen-Gumi, we serve sumibiya yakiniku (charcoal grilled meat) prepared on a high-grade white charcoal called bincho-tan. The meat is cooked on state-of-the-art grills, known as shichirin, which we have imported specially from Japan. Our shichirin grills are different to standard models in that they can be filled with water. This prevents the charcoal from burning too quickly, enabling us to grill the meat slowly and carefully over glowing-red bincho-tan coals. As a result, the meat retains its natural deliciousness as well being juicy and delicious to eat.

Our Unmistakable Sauce

Our unmistakable sauce has a soy sauce base and is enriched with fruit and vegetables ripened under the California sun. Made entirely in-house, it has been formulated to highlight the naturally delicious taste of our meat a. Try adding a little yuzu kosho to experience another flavor dimension.