Spicy Ginger Pork Recipe

05.28.2019 | Category, Recipes

The Spicy Ginger Pork is a great main dish for any occasion. Mixing Grated Apple and Onions produces a savory sweet taste that balances with the pork, while the ginger adds some freshness and lessens the strong pork smell. We recommend stir frying or parboiling some vegetables on the side to mix with the sauce. 【Spicy Ginger Pork】by H.I 【Seasonings】 Sake tbsp 2 Mirin(Sweet Coo...
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Fried Rice is one of the staple dish of Asian cuisine. In this iteration, we add some sugar and oyster sauce that gives a sweet and bold flavors to balance out the spiciness from our Spicy Miso. 【Sweet & Spicy Fred Rice w/ Shrimp & Edamame】by H.I 【Seasonings】 Salt tsp 1/2 Sugar tsp 1/2 Oyster Sauce tsp 1 Fish Sauce tsp 1/2 SSG Spicy Miso tsp 1 C...
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Spicy Miso Baby Back Ribs Recipe

05.16.2019 | Category, Recipes

Here is a recipe to celebrate both National Barbecue Day and the launch of our Spicy Miso!   【Spicy Baby Back Ribs】by Nori   【Ingredients】 Baby Back Ribs 4lb 【Sweet Spicy Sauce 】 Ketchup 150g Garlic 10g SSG Spicy Miso 50g Soy Sauce 30g Honey 80g 【Medium Spicy Sauce】 Ketchup 150g Garlic 20g SSG Spicy Miso 100g...
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